Galvanic Facial

Got a breakout problem? Especially at “that” time of the month, your chin and neck area can become a law unto itself. Galvanic facial is amazing for treating a breakout – prone face using the desincrustation method which aims to clean the skin deeply by emulsifying the sebum trapped in the pores around the hair follicles. It is the ‘negative charge cycle’ in which a negatively charged pre-treatment gel is used to cover the skin to be treated. Next,the negatively charged galvanic facial machine is moved over the skin smoothly to apply the galvanic current to it. This combination of the alkaline solution and electricity repels the negative charges present in the gel and pushes it into the deepest layer of the skin.

Desincrustation softens the skin and prepares it for the safe and painless removal of comedones. It may again be followed by manual extraction.

To finish the treatment, a technique called Iontophoresis is used.

This second phase involves an electrochemical process (electro-osmosis) for nourishing the skin intensely. It is the ‘positive charge cycle’ in which a negative electrode is placed near the shoulder to push the positively charged water-soluble gel (with deliciously nourishing components) deep into the epidermal layers of the skin. This increases the efficacy of all skincare products used afterward by neutralizing the toxins and harmful free radicals in the skin. Iontophoresis not only makes the skin firm and flawless with its unique tightening effect, but also soothes the endings of the nerves.

I recently had a galvanic facial to treat my blocked pores. It was actually very relaxing, and I noticed a difference straight after and the weeks after too! The salon was really lovely with friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere. Loved it!
Jen, officially desincrusted

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